Turner's beverage products: a Pittsburgh staple. And a cafeteria necessity. Website.
"The series of 'Free/Reduced' was initially my search of for an image. I wanted an image of something that EVERYONE from ANY DECADE in school could relate too. Something nostalgic. The  texture, the bleed-through marker effect, came from a second grade student: she just couldn't stand that the markers were getting on the table and making a mess on her hands and sleeves--making a wreck of her artwork with holes and brown colors. I told her to flip it over and see if it was cooler.
The projects in this series seem to echo a lot of the teaching philosophy I've developed: much of what we need to look at, the things to spend the most time with, are where we never look. 
For the record I like Turner's milk, I've come to find that it is a drink for the rich and poor in our classrooms. It has too much sugar though and I'm lactose-intolerant (all my students can tell you).
Orange-Pineapple and Vanilla Milk were the last two in the series. They hang on different walls of the gallery."
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