This artwork was featured in 2022 Art of the State at State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA. Virtual Tour. Artist Info. Show Catalog.
"This all started with a meme. A school clock, doubled-faced, hangs from a drop-ceiling in a school hallway. The clock, obviously broken, has had two cheap wall clocks--the type you'd buy at Target--taped to it. The caption reads: 'Who fixes a clock like this?' The message was so direct and indicative of the humor and ridiculousness of school life.
A year or more down the road, I had played with a few options for turning the meme into an artwork; paintings, drawings, and so forth. For other projects, some in this show, I was turning to more ready-made art-making methods: scanning the internet for cheap and free stuff, assembling items into sculptures, etc. When I stumbled upon someone selling this old clock from a school in Seattle, I knew I had to recreate 'Who fixes a clock like this?'; not as a painting, but actually rebuild it as an object. Certain things like the title and some components changed, but I would like to mostly credit my friend, Elizabeth, and the meme."

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